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Foote Partners Podcasts and Webcasts

Foote Partners co-produces online webinars and webcasts with several partners on a variety of timely IT and business management topics. 

Simply go to the links below and scroll down to find a selection of our podcasts and webinar by title, or else search on the term "Foote Partners".



Podcast interview with Stephen Ibaraki on the human capital side of IT and the IT-Business jybrid axis (December 2012)
Conference presentation:  "Paying and Rewarding Hybrid Business Professionals with Critical Skills"(May 2012)
Webinar:  "Skills You Need to Get Ahead in a Turbulent IT World: A Foote Partners Webinar"(February 21, 2012)

Podcast interview: "Why IT Security Careers Remain Hot"(August 30, 2011)   


Podcast interview: "The latest data, analysis, and forecasts for IT security jobs market, hot certifications, pay trend" (June 25, 2010)

Radio interview: "Hottest IT Skills, Jobs, Technologies and Trends in 2010 and Beyond: The Facts from Industry Analyst David Foote" (June 9, 2010)

Information Security Career Prediction: David Foote on What's Hot and Why (BankInfoSecurity.com - December 31, 2009
Security Job Market Heating Up (Target.com podcast - August 24, 2009
Hiring Trends: Information Security Bucks the Recession (BankInfoSecurity.com podcast - August 17, 2009
IT Security Skills and Certifications Pay and Demand Analysis (TechTarget.com podcast - May 4, 2009

The SAP Skills Shortage: What It Means To You (TechTarget.com podcast - May 28, 2008
Current State of SAP Skills: Interview with Jon Reed or JonERP.com

SAP jobs: present and future (TechTarget.com podcast - February 13
, 2007)
Hot IT Skills for 2007(NetworkWorld -
January 10, 2007)

InfoSecurity Certs/Skills Pay and Job Trends (TechTarget
.com Podcast - November 30, 2006)
Skills Pay and Job Trends (TechTarget.com Podcast - August 30, 2006)     
IT Certifications & Skills Pay Trends (TechTarget
.com Podcast - May 10, 2006)

"Managing IT Organizations and Professionals Series: IT Compensation Trends 2006 - Jobs and Skills" (October 25, 2005)
"Managing IT Organizations and Professionals Series: IT Workforce Outlook and Strategies 2006 (September 27, 2005)

"The Great Debate: Will Offshore Outsourcing Positively or negatively Affect the U.S. Economy, Your Company, and Your Job" (December 9, 2004)
"Offshore Outsourcing Blunders, Part 2: Common Mistakes You Can Avoid" (November 2004) 
"Offshore Outsourcing Blunders, Part 1: Common Mistakes You Can Avoid" (September 2004)   

"Is a Project Management Job Right For You?" (June 2003)
"Insourcing vs. Outsourcing IT: Should You Be a Consultant or Full-Timer? (March 2003)
"Geography Lessons: Best and Worst Places to Look For An IT Jobs" (February 2003)
"What's Hot and What's Not in IT Jobs For 2003" (January 2003)

"Navigating Your IT Career: Specialization vs. Generalization" (December /2002)
"Latest Trends in IT Jobs Skills and Certifications" (October 2002)
"CRM Project Delivery: Organizing Internally to Sustain CRM Initiatives" (August 2002)

"Creating and Sustaining Successful CRM Projects" (9/15/2001)
"Spotlight on Compensation and Careers: Hot Technical Skills" (5/21/2001)



Lou Dobbs, "Exporting America" - CNN-TV, segment guest   

"On The Money" (TV broadcast - September 9, 2006)
"Education Notebook" (TV broadcast - February 18, 2006)
"On The Money" (TV broadcast - October 1/2, 2005)
"On The Money" (TV broadcast - October 28/29, 2004)
"On The Money" (TV broadcast - May 8/9, 2004)
"On The Money"(TV broadcast - February 23/24, 2004)

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