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"The 'Flat Earth' Effect On IT Pay?" (July 2005)
"Recipe for Offshore Outsourcing Failure: Ignore Organization, People Issues"(September 2004)
"Information Technology: Beyond the New Scrutiny" (2003)    


"Hot IT Jobs and Skills for 2006 from Foote Partners" (10/11/2005)  
"Outsourcing Does Not Hurt U.S. Salaries (8/24/2005)  


"A Question of Credibility" (June 2002) 

"More Outsourcing Reduces UT Staff" (March 2003)
"Paper Chase" (3/6/2003)

"Experience trumps certification" (may 2006)


"Million-Dollar CIOs: Are They Worth It?" (August 2006)  
"By the Numbers: Certification Pay" (October 2003)

Biztech Magazine

"Bucking IT Restlessness" (March 2006) 



"Recipe for Offshore Outsourcing Failure: Ignore Organization, People Issue" (September 2004)

"Software - Will Outsourcing Hurt America's Supremacy? (March 1, 2004)    
"From CIO to the Corner Office" (Special Report, 9/6/2001)

"Offshore Outsourcing: Engineering Goes Overseas" (January 12, 2004)

Canadian HR Reporter

"Know-how pays in comp surveys" (April 7, 2003)

Certification Magazine
"News & Notes for IT Professionals" (February 2007)   
ISACA Certs: Continuing to Grow in Demand and Importance"
(November 2006)
"Pay for IT Certs Down, Noncert Skills Up" (February 2007)
"Round 2 of the IT Talent War" (October 2006)
"Foote Partners Predicts Hot IT Jobs and Skills for 2007 (October 17, 2006)
"More than Half of IT Pros Getting “Hot” Skills Pay" (August 14, 2006)
"Certifications Versus Skills" (May 15, 2006)
"A Tale of Three Studies" (March 2006)
"Foote Partners Predicts Hot IT Jobs and Skills for ’06" (October 15, 2006)
"Data Stream: Top IT Jobs and Skills for 2006" (December 2005)
"IT Pros Must Go Beyond Certification, Expert Says" (June 27, 2005)
"Foote Study Shows Turnaround in IT Salaries" (March 7, 2005)

"Go Global: IT Certifications Need International Focus" (January 2004)
"Top Paying Certifications" (March 2003)
"CloseUp: Storage-Related Programs and Certifications" (June 2003 
"Certified Professionals: Delivering Rapid ROI"(September 2002)

"Security Certification: The Big Winner"(February 2003)
"Women in IT (May 2002)

CertCities.com  -- The Ultimate Site for Certified IT ProfessionalsCERTCITIES.COM

"Skill Premium Pay Dropped 13 Percent in 2002; Cert Bonuses Down as Much as 40 Percent" (2/19/2003)  

CFO logo
"It's Good To Be King"(about CIO pay) (6/5/02)

CIO Insight

"Attracting and Retaining IT Pros: An Ideas You May not Have Thought of" (October 2, 2006) 
"The Numbers: January 2002"(January 1, 2002 issue)
"Talent Search 2.0" (July 1,  2001 issue, Feature story) 

CIO publication logo

"Salaries: Seven Tips for Getting What You Want" (June 4, 2007)  
"Your Hire Power" (March 15, 2007)
"Management Practices and Best Bets for IT Jobs"(2/27/2007) 
"Tips on the Interview, Skills in Demand and Compensation for IT Job Seekers" (May 10, 2006)
"Tips on the Interview, Skills in Demand and Compensation for IT Job Seekers" (May 10, 2006)
"Management Practices and Best Bets for IT Jobs" (February 27, 2006)

"2006 Enterprise Value Awards: A Brief History of IT Value" (February 15, 2005)   
"You'll Pay a Premium for These Programmers" (August 1, 2005)
"IT Hiring Perks Up" (February 1, 2005)

"The Auditors Are Coming...The Auditors Are Coming..." (April 15 2003)

"What They Said Then, and Now: Experts tell CIOs what they should do after 9/11 attack" (9/1/02)
"Are You Paying Your Security Staff Enough? (7/17/02)
"Get a Return on your IT Staff  Investment' (July 1, 2002
"The ROI of Certification" (6/15/02)
"How to Staff Up for Security" (May 15, 2002)
"The Price Line: What's hot and what's not in the IT dept" (Jan 1, 2002)
"Alarmed: Will Security Make a 360 Degree Turn? (12/06/2001)
"IT in the Aftermath: Where Do We Go From Here" (Nov 15, 2001)
 "Surveying the Staffing Crisis (Expert Panel)" (5/15/01)   
"Start Me Up" (8/1/2000)

"The CIO Starter Kit" (5/15/99)
"The Soft Touch - Executive Counsel" (3/15/99)
"EVA Awards: Five Points of Light" (9/15/98)

"The Lowdown on IT Salaries" (June 14, 2006)

CNET News.com -- Tech News First CNETAsia Enterprise Tech
"Tech skills pulling in more pay, report says" (July 20, 2005)
"Tech skills bringin in bigger bucks" (June 9, 2005)


"Will Security Make a 360-Degree Turn? (12/9/011)  
"Bob Moore Knows How To Get Hired (security staffing - June 6, 2003)

"Will Security Make a 360 degree turn?" (12/15/2003)

"You're Certifiable" (October 2002 issue)

Lou Dobbs, "Exporting America" - CNN-TV, segment guest   
"Despite economic downturn, security bonuses rise" (12/6/01)
"What Technological Advances Can You Expect To See in 2025? (1/20/00)
"IT Professionals Rise Quickly in Riches" (September 6, 2000)

CNET News.com -- Tech News First
CNETAsia Enterprise Tech

"Some tech skills getting pay boost" (December 2, 2004)


"Salary Survey: In a League of Their Own"(May 20, 2002)

"Offshore Outsourcing Driving Down IT Salaries" (January 14, 2004

Computer Weekly
"Pay pendulum swings employees' way as firms get anxious about losing skilled staff" (3/22/2005)  
"Offshore ITdeals fuel key skills pay hike" (January 11, 2005) 

"The art of successful offshore outsourcing" (June 29, 2004)
"Outsourcing hits bonus payments" (June 22, 2004)
"Outsourcing blamed for cut in IT bonuses" (January 20, 2004)

"IT workers lose out on certifications pay" (August 23, 2003)

"Battening down the hatches" (5/21/2002)
"Users Need More Flexible Friends" (5/20/99, OPINIONS section)

"CIOs Told To Change The Way They Pay" (5/13/99, NEWS section)
"People Power" (June 11, 1998)
"Reliable IT Employees Face the Chop (5/14/98, NEWS section)


"IT pay rises keep key staff" (12/9/2004, IT Week)   
"Help educate tomorrow's experts" (June 17, 2004, IT Week)
"Offshore outsourcing hits IT wages" (1/14/2004)
"Outsourcing triggers certs value nosedive" (August 27, 2003)
    "Certification still pays, says study"(February 25, 2003)  
"Car Workers Plug Networking Skills Gap"(3/4/2002)
"Certifications Get an Added Bonus"(2/13/2002)
"CIO Summit, New York: U.S. Leads the Way in Salary Hikes" (5/14/98)
"US CIOs: Skills To Decline" (May 13, 1998)

Computerworld logo

"Hiring Ticks Up Again" (12/31/2007)  
"IT Pay Under Pressure" (12/31/2007)
8 Juicy Predictions for 2008" (12/31/2007)  
"8 Ways to Boost Your Career in 2008" (12/31/2007)
Career Watch: Ignore Office Politics at Your Own Risk" (11/26/2007)  
"IT job cuts dip; noncertified skills pay on the rise" (10/17/2007)

"Meandering up the corporate ladder
" (9/21/2007)   

IT Managers Unfazed by Impending Boomer Brain Drain" (7/30/2007)    

"Salary premiums for security certifications increasing, study shows" (7/9/2007)
The top 10 dead (or dying) computer skills" (5/24/2007)      

IT Managers Face Crunch in Filling Open Positions" (5/7/2007)     
More IT jobs, less filling of then" (5/7/2007)        
Storing More Bytes Using Fewer Watts" (4/9/2007)     
"How IT is Revitalizing Staff Skills" (2/19/2007)
To Certify or Not to Certify: Getting Paid for Your Skills" (3.5.2007)
Beefing up your paycheck" (3/1/2007)  
"Provocative Predictions for 2007" (1/1/2007)
"No Fun At All"
"Career Watch: Troubled Certs" (December 18, 2006)
"Beef Up Your Paycheck: Top 5 Storage Certifications (12/14/2006)
"Salary Survey 2006: Hot Skills, Hot Pay" (11/13/2006)

"Study: Pay for noncertified IT workers continues to  rise"(11/3/2006)
"BI Skills: When Art Meets Science (9/18/2006)
"What you can do now to make yourself marketable (7/17/2006)
"Hot Skills, Cold Skills for 2010"(7/17/2006)

"Wireless job skills in hot demand"(7/10/2006)

"Study: Noncertified IT worker pay gaining ground" (4/27/2006)
"Debate Unsettled Over Costs, Benefits of Certification" (4/17/2006)
"Networking certification: Are those initials worth it?" (4/5/2006)
"Careers: The Storage Specialty" (3/27/2006)
"Big Cities, Big Bucks" (3/27/2006)
"Bold Predictions for 2006 " (1/2/2006)
"Skills Scope" (1/2/2006)

"What Tech skills are hot for 2006" (12/27/05)
"No Fun At All"" (12/19/2005)
"Bold Decisions" (12/05/05)
"Study: To keep good IT help, employers must get creative
" (10/27/05)
"Survival Skills" (Sept. 5, 2005)    
"Certifiable: IT certifications lose some of the allure" (Sept. 5, 2005)
"Career Watch: IT Pay and Offshore Disillusionment" (August 8, 2005)
"IT wages inch up on tight labor market(July22, 2005)
"Foote's Complete Q2 Skills Survey"(7/19/05)
"IT pay rising for hot skills"(June 6, 2005)

"Study: IT pay rising for hot skills (June 8, 2005)
"IT skills bonus pay finally heading upward, study finds(March 1, 2005)
"The H-1B Equation:Salary data shows split with wages of U.S. workers (March 1, 2005)    
"Career Watch: Tech Skills Pay Boost" (January 10, 2005)

"Debunking 10 Myths of IT Offshore Outsourcing" (December 13, 2004)
"Sidebar: Security Earns Top Dollar" (October 25, 2004)    
"Damage Control: How to combat offshore outsourcing backlash" (July 12, 2005)
"Career Watch: Stateside Pay Slide Tied to Offshore Outsourcing" (July 5, 2004)
"Career Watch: Highest-Paying IT Certifications, Q1 2004" (May 24, 2004)
"Security Log: Top Security Technologies" (May 10, 2004)    
"IT Job Trends Yield Surprises" (2/11/03)

"Quickscan: Training - Evaluating the Cost-Effectiveness of Training" (February 10, 2003)

Report: Rapid programming, XML, security skills top Q4 IT pay" (January 27, 2003)
"Big shift in IT jobs to outsourcing predicted" (1/14/03)
"Twisting the Truth" (12/9/2002)

"Security Log: Salary Snapshots" (12/02/2002)
"Salary Survey: Keeping the Recession at Bay" (10/28/2002) 
"Just how hot are IT security jobs?" 10/28/2002)
"Mapping IT's Future" (9/16/02)  
"Security Manager's Journal" (9/23/02)
"Security Manager's Journal" (7/29/02)

"Standing Out From the Crowd" (7/29/02)

"Survey: Raise for Security Pros Decline (7/2/2002)

"Chief (In)security Officer (6/10/02)
"Security Under the Gun (6/3/02)
"Career Advisor (May 13, 2002)

"The Data Designers" (4/15/02)
"MCSE Concerns Rankle IT Pros (4/08/02)
"Study: Bonus Pay Higher For Certificate Holders" (03/22/02)
"Safe and Secure" Network security professionals (1/21/02)  
"Despite Fiscal Trouble, Ford Beefing Up IT Staff" (1/18/2002)  
"Training: Spending To Rise for Business, Security Skills" (1/14/02)  
"Training Sticks Close To Home (1/14/2002)    
"Making the Best of a Bad Job Market" (1/7/02)

"Report: Bonuses for Security Pros Drop Overall"(12/5/01)
"Does IT Pay?" (11/19/01)
"Need A Linux Diploma?(11/19/01)

"Building a New IT Culture" (Features, October 1, 2001)
"Certifications: Who Needs 'Em? (9/10/01)
"More For The Money" (9/04/01, Features)
"The New Security Pro (5/7/01, Features)
"Employers Strength Layoff Packages to Avoid Lawsuits(4/23/01)
"Paying Teams Right: Four Expert Views" (2/12/2001)

"$49K Wharton E-business Program Draws 35 Execs" (12/4/00) 
"Job Fairs Lose Luster in High Tech Age (11/20/00)
"Rags To Riches: Computerworld's 14th Annual Salary Survey" (September 11, 2000)
"ASPs Helping Companies with Hiring" (7/24/00)
"Filling Slots With Inside Referrals" (7/10/00)

"Harrah's Entertainment Bets Big on it's New IT Structure" (7/3/00)
"Premier 100: Panel provides IT hiring and retention tips" (6/21/00)
"Layoffs Are Shortsighted (6/12/00)
"Firms Purging Staff With Obsolete Skills (6/5/00)
"Postgrad Interns a Gold Mine of Web Talent for Insurer" (5/29/00)
"Stock Options Lose Allure" (4/10/00, News)
"Born To Lead Projects" (3/27/00)
"Coaching To Aid IT Careers, Retention" (3/20/00)
"Signing Bonuses Filter Out to Rank and File" (2/21/00)
"So, When Do I Start?" (1/10/2000, Business Careers)
"Special Report/IT Agenda 2000: Plug the Brain Drain" (1/3/2000)
"Web Plays Matchmaker for IT Temps" (11/8/99, NEWS)
"(Un)reasonable Job Requests" (11/8/99, BUSINESS CAREERS)
"From CIO to CEO" (7/5/99, BUSINESS)
"Face It: Your Best Talent Will Move On" (5/24/99)
"Merrill Trains Staff To Work At Home" (4/26/99)
"Special Report - Tomorrow's IT: The Organization" (4/12/99)
"IT Departments Losing Budget Control, Staff" (4/12/99)
"Study: IT's Telecommuting Express Is Losing Steam" (4/12/99)
"Soft Speak" (3/22/99, COMPUTERWORLD CAREERS Supplement)
"So, Who Are These People?"(11/16/98, MANAGING)
"The Skills Struggle: It's Time To Restock the Global IT Labor Pool Through Training & Education (12/7/98, MANAGING)
"The New Business Technologists" (11/16/98, IT CAREERS)
"Retailers Struggle To Keep Techs" (10/31/98)
"The New Web Walkers" (9/21/98, MANAGING section)
"Playing the Pay Game" (8/31/98 - MANAGING section)
"So Who Needs College?" (3/30/98, MANAGING section)
"IT Labor Bias: Companies Focus on High End" (3/30/98) 
"Different Strokes For Different Folks" (9/8/97) 
"Morphing With The Web" (12/8/97, Cover Story)
"High Stakes" (12/8/97, INTERNET CAREERS supplement)
"15 Ways To Keep Your People" (9/8/97, MANAGING section)
"Bending the Rules" (9/22/97, MANAGING section) 
"Charting New Waters" (9/1/97, IT CAREERS section)
"Super CIOs" (8/4/97, Cover story)
"When Worlds Collide" (8/4/97, ONLINE FEATURES)
"The Sweet Scent of Success" (10/6/97, MANAGING)
"Year 2000: Opportunity in Adversity" (9/15/97, IT CAREERS)
"Charting New Waters" (9/1/97, IT CAREERS section)
"Super CIOs" (8/4/97, Cover story)
"When Worlds Collide" (8/4/97, ONLINE FEATURES)
"The Sweet Scent of Success" (10/6/97, MANAGING)
"Year 2000: Opportunity in Adversity" (9/15/97, IT CAREERS)
"From Wrenches to Routers" (9/8/97, NEWS)
"IS Managers Can Name Their Price, Study Says" (6/5/97)

DCI's I.T. Strategies News

"Seven At One Blow"
"To Keep Your IT Workers, Keep Them Happy" (8/5/98
"The Need For 'Universal' Managers" (8/5/98)

"Job security hopes fading: Offshoring, automation and more are leaving workers unsure how to adapt"(June 24, 2004)    
"Demand Likely Increasing For Holders of Certifications" (2/2/2003)

"IT Salary: Data Warehouse/BI Management" (6/25/07)  
IT Salary: E-Commerce Project Manager/Coordinator
" (6/25/07)
IT Salary: Help Desk Manager" (6/25/07)  
IT Salary: Information Architect" (6/25/07)  
IT Salary: IT Security Manager" (6/25/07)  
IT Salary: Manager, Business Systems Analysis
" (6/25/07)
IT Salary: Manager, Web Systems" (6/25/07)  
IT Salary: Network Engineering Manager" (6/25/07)  
IT Salary: Sr. Java Developer" (6/25/07)  
IT Salary: Sr. Business Technology Consultant" (6/25/07)  
"What's the Most Profitable IT Certification" (6/9/07)

"After Strong November, December Job Outlook Down" (12/9/05)

"Programmers' Pay Way Up, but Confidence Down" (11/2/05)
"IT Hiring: Apps Development Looking Up, but Security is Flat (October 12, 2005)
"Surveys Show 'Surge' in IT Pay" (June 10, 2005)
"Signs fo Life Expected in 2004 IT Salaries" (January 15, 2004)   
"Signs fo Life Expected in 2004 IT Salaries" (January 15, 2004)
"IT Certification Bonus Pay Up, Skills Pay Down (3/22/2002)
"The Roundup: Pay Rising for Many IT Certifications(11/07/01)
"What Does It Take to Keep High_Tech Happy?" (11/99)

"Keeping Valued Employees--You Don't Have To Say Goodbye" (10/99)
"The Hunt: The Care and Feeding of IT Hires (02/99 issue)
"The Hunt: IT Staff Goes Back To Boot Camp" (01/99 issue)
"The Hunt: Look For IT Staff in Unusual Places" (11/99 issue)

Enterprise Networking Planet
"IT Certifications Bonus Pay Up, Skills Pay Down"(3/22/2002)

Enterprise Systems

"Careers: Hot Skill Areas You Can Bank On" (June 29, 2004)
"Offshore's Impact on Salaries, Certifications" (June 22, 2004)
"Careers: Offshore Outsourcing Hits U.S. IT Workers Hard(1/27/2004)  
"Put a Good Security Staff in its Place"(1/2/2002)


"Workplace: Engaging Employees" (May/June 2006 issue)

Enterprise Networking Planet
"Play the Certification Game To Win" (Jan. 6, 2006)

Enterprise Systems

"Careers: Outsource-Proof Jobs" (2/7/2006)  
"Careers: Application Development Skills Back in Demand" (11/1/2005)
"Careers: In-Demand IT Skills for 2006" (10/18/2005)
"Salary Blues? Don’t Blame Outsourcing" (7/26/2005)

issue cover

"Into Thin Air" (Offshoring) (April 2004 issue) 

Spectrum Online (IEEE) 
"The Keys to Security" (January 2003 issue)





eWeek publication logo

"Report: Security Certifications Boost Pay" (February 14, 2007) 
"SAP Skills Pay Off Big for IT Pros" (February 14, 2007)
"Another Nail in the IT Certification Coffin" (November 2, 2006)
"What's the Right Pay for IT Pros?" (September 8, 2006)
"Building the Perfect IT Person" (August 14, 2006)  
"Better Base Pay but Fewer Bonuses for IT Pros" (August 2 2006)
"Climbing the IT Ladder: Career Advice from Experts" (May 25, 2006)
"As IT Certifications Devalue, Vendors Up the Ante" (May 2, 2006)
"Study Shows Downside of IT Certification" (April 26, 2006)

"Offshore Outsourcing Hits Paychecks" (January 19, 2004)
"Offshoring Eats Away at IT Pay, Study Shows" (1/13/2004)
"Bridging the Gap(business analysts)" (94/14/2003)
"Solving the Certs Puzzle" (3/17/2003)
"Breaking the Code on Security Certs" (3/17/2003)
"IT Pros Flock to Project Management Certifications" (3/17/2003)
"Getting a Line on Linux Certifications" (3/17/2003)  
"IT Recovery: Real or Mirage?"(January 23, 2003)
"Security Cert Provider Cries Foul" (11/21/2002)

"Hiring: From Sad to Glad" (11/18/2002)
"Picking from PM Cert Crop" (10/21/2002)
"Training Security Foot Soldiers (9/23/02)
"Even Security Salary Growth Slows" (7/1/2002)

"What It Takes to Be A CSO (7/1/2002)
"IT Workers Salaries Slide"(6/21/2002)
"The Right Project Management Skills" (4/15/2002)

"Riding Out The Storm" (3/11/02)
"Applications Development on the Rebound" (12/31/2001)  "Following the Data to a DBA Job (12/31/2001)    
"Networking Skills Still Crucial" (12/31/2001)   
"Wanted: Security Managers (12/31/2001)
"Are IT Pros Willing to Go Public" (11/19/2001)

"IT Bonus Pay Still Growing, Report Says" (Strategies, 11/19/01)
"Are IT Pros Willing To Go Public?" (11/19/01)

"IT Paper Chase: ITers Look To Upgrade and Certify Their Skills (9/04/01)
"Contractor Fees Drying Up" (7/17/01)
"The New Breed of Deal-Maker" (7/16/01, @Work)
"Certifiably Secured (7/9/91, FEATURES section)
"IT Pros Face Career Crossroads (6/24/01)
"Raising In-House IT Expertise (6/17/01)

"E-Recruiting Takes Next Step" (4/23/01)
"Techies Plug Into Hot Skills (4/9/01)
"Builder Digs Into E-Biz Future--Excavates for High Tech Gems" (2/26/01, @Work)
"Managing Project Explosions" (2/5/01)

"Fighting To Retain E-Business Talent" (10/8/00)   
"Luring the Brainiacs" (9/20/99, Strategies)

"Web Surfing For Jobs" (4/26/99, CAREERS)

"Taking Stock of IT's Most Precious Resource" (11/10/97)
"Webmaster For Hire" (7/28/97, EXECUTIVE section)
"Taking Inventory"(11/25/96)

"The Cert Times: IT Edition Article Archive"(11/25/96)

 The Industry Standard News and Analysis for the Internet Economy  

"The Art of Offshore Outsourcing"(June 28, 2004)

FT Home
"Sea Change" (April 2005 issue) 

"Computer Certification: What Happened in 2004, Predictions for2005" (1/10/2005)

Government Technology

"Companies paying more for skills in 2005" (June 9, 2005)


"The Human Factor" (June 4, 2004)

"What Are You Worth?" (August 2006)
"Qualities of Aspiring Security Pros" (September 2004)
"Security Wire Digest:Survey: Mixed Job Market for Infosecurity" (September 2003)

Portal Home |

"Study: More Than Half of IT Workers Get Hot Skills Pay (US, Canada) (August 4, 2006) 

InformationWeek publication logo  


"In Growing Job Market, IT Pros Get More For The Soft Skills" (October 20, 2007)
"Tech Certifications No Longer Get Biggest Pay Premiums, Says Report" (October 16, 2007)
"Careers: 7 Tips for Success on the IT Technical Track" (October 2, 2006)
"What Are the Hottest Tech Skills Today? Think Fast" (September 21, 2006)
"Tech Worker Surveys Show Happy Days are Here Again" (August 2, 2006)
"Tech Pros Getting Extra Pay for Hot Skills" Report" (August 3, 2006)
"New Certifications Sets Professional Standards For Outsourcing Experts" (July 26, 2006)
"You vs. Offshoring" (04/24/2006)
"New Certification Sets Professional Standards For Outsourcing Experts" (7/25/2006)
"Certifications Programs Arrive for IT Architects" (07/24/2006)
"Are You Certifiable?" (06/13/2006)
"You vs. Offshoring" (04/24/2006)
"Careers: Pay Gap Is Closing Between Certified And Noncertified Tech Skills, Says Report" (04/25/2006)
"Careers: You vs. Offshoring" March 13, 2006)
"Job Least Likely to be Offshored" March 13, 2006) "Retention Tension" (November 7, 2005)   
"Citrix intros new certifications" (Aug 1, 2005)
"Why kids aren't getting into IT" (July 25, 2005)
"In Search of Talent" (July 25, 2005)
"The Right IT Skills Are Getting Raises, Report Concludes" (July 20, 2005)
"IT Pay Rose in 2004 after 3-year Slump" (March 7, 2005)
"IT Worker Job Optimism Levels Sink" (March 2, 2005)
"Careers: Merger Casts Cloud Over Future For PeopleSoft Specialists" (December 20, 2004)  
"Business Technology: Mixed Messages Conceal IT's Strength" (December 13, 2004) 
"Tech Pay Increases For IT Workers With Key Skills" (December 2, 2004)
"Outsourcing Is Key As IT Salaries Spiral Downward" (1/14/2003)
"Greenbacks for Black Belts (11/03/2003)
"Good as Gone (outsourcing) (9/8/03)
"Offshore outsourcing drags down pay" (8/25/2003)
"Security Experts Get Big Bonuses" (9/2/2002)
"Certifications Pay for IT Pros" (8/28/2002)
"Employers Raise the Bar on Certifications" (7/9/2002)
"Report: Bonus Pay Rising for IT Certifications (3/20/02)

"Report: Certification Boost IT Pay", (11/20/01, CAREERS)  

"Report: IT workers seeing fatter paychecks, fewer bonuses" (August 2, 2006)    
"2006 InfoWorld Compensation Survey: IT salaries are back on track and headed north " (June 12, 2006)
"Waning Worth of IT Certifications" (11/06/2006)    
"Study: No Payoff for IT Certifications" (4/26/2006)
"Riding Out the Recession" (12/15/01)
"CTO's For Hire Provide Perspective" (10/26/01)
"Retaining Your Valuable Assets" (9/14/01)

"CIO Magazine, SC Magazine feature provocative Foote Partners pay research" (8/17/2005)
"CISA Among the Highest Paying Tech Certifications, According to Foote Partners’ Study" (3/15/2005)

IT Business Edge
"Recruiting Process Outsourcing Boosts Staffing Success (9/15/2005)    
"IT Gets Hybridized" (8/4/2005)

"IT job strategies: Opportunities in the outsourcing rush
" (11/27/03)


"Career Coach: IT Boot Camps" (Feb. 6, 2003)  

IT Business
"Hot IT jobs for 2006" (1/6/06) 


"Developers cash in on 'monster' pay rises" (11/9/2005)  IT pay rises keep key staff" (12/9/2004, IT Week)   
"Help educate tomorrow's experts" (June 17, 2004, IT Week)
"Offshore outsourcing hits IT wages" (1/14/2004)
"Outsourcing tiggers certs value nosedive" (8/27/03)
"More Certs, More Cash"(2/25/03)
"Certification Still Pays, Study Says"(02/28/03)

"Skills Shortage Abates" (10/15/02)

"Hot IT jobs for 2006" (1/6/06)
"Windows, Cisco networking top IT skills for 2006" (1/5/06)

"Do Linux SysAdmins Really Get Paid More Than MCSEs?" (10/31/2002)


"Linux, security skills projected hot skills for 2005" (12/31/2004)

"Adaptable IT" (12/20/2003)

Logo: Monster  
"IT Employment Outlook  2007" (1/25/07
"IT Certifications Decline In Value7" (1/21/07

"Morning Edition" (numerous appearances 2000 - 2004

"Tech Jobs: Looking into Windows" (February 13, 2004)    
"Tech Jobs: Sizing Up Security" (January 30, 2004)
"Tech-Job Certifications That Still Matter (September 29, 2003)

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Pay Perks for Certification" (1/13/2003)

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outsourcing world covers news articles and commentary related offshore outsourcing, software development, and international business
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Analyst blasts claims that techie morale is low(Aug. 10, 2005)


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CISSP among the highest paying certifications" (March 1, 2005)
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Tekrati Logo

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Companies Paying More For Technical IT Skills in 2005, Says Foote Partners"(June 6, 2005)
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