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Canadian HR Reporter

OPINION COLUMNS(by David Foote)  
"Making Your Organization the "It" Place to Work for IT" (April 10, 2005)

CIO Insight
OPINION COLUMNS(by David Foote) 
"Attracting and Retaining IT Pros: An Ideas You May not Have Thought of" (October 2, 2006)  

CIO publication logo

OPINION COLUMNS (by David Foote)
"Taking Stock for Future Shock" (column by David Foote, 1/1/98)
"The New Breed" (column by David Foote, 11/16/96)  

Computerworld logo


"Being, and Remaining Among the Best is Getting Tougher (6/9/2003)
"Building Confidence In Tough Times" (3/31/2003)

"IT Job Trends Yield Surprises" (2/11/03)
"Manage Your Stakeholders" (11/15/02)
"Avoid Wiping Out on New CRM Wave" (10/7/02)
"Info Security Job Boom Inevitable" (9/03/02)
"Who Pays for Homeland Security?"(7/01/2002)
"How to be One of the Best" (May 6, 2002)
"Seeding Your IT Staff" (3/22/02)
"As 2002 Dawns, Job Market Has Some Bright Signs (January 7, 2002)
"Seizing Success from the Jaws of Tragedy" (11/05/01)

"IT Professionals Rake In Big Bucks Despite Downturn" (9/04/01)

"Cutting Jobs? The Pain Can Be Eased" (8/13/01)
"Companies Need Security Pros With More Varied Skills" (7/9/01)      
"An Inspirational Letter to you HR Leader (6/12/01)
"Latest Trends from IT's Rank and File" (5/14/01)

"Who Will Be To Blame When the Ax Falls? (4/9/01)    
"Don't Kid Yourself: Leaders are Made, not Born" (3/12/01)
"What's Your 'Emotional Intelligence'?" (2/12/01)
"The Futility of Resistance (To Change)" (1/15/01)

"Staffing Problems? Learn From the Nanny Dilemma" (12/11/00)

"The Flaws Behind IT Workforce Salary Surveys" (11/13/00)

"Wanna Keep Your Staff Happy? Think 'Career'" (10/12/00)
"Managing Projects With A New View" (9/11/00)
"The Real Labor Issues for the Next President" (8/12/00)
"Beware Recruiters in Sheep's Clothing" (7/12/00)
"Managing IT Workers Takes a Balancing Act" (6/12/00)
"'Soft Stuff' Need Not Be So Hard To Give To IT Workers"(5/15/00)
"Consulting Skills Will Help Tech Pros Survive As IT Fades"(4/17/00)
"Some Preventative Medicine for Dot-com-itis" (3/20/00)
"Info Age Labor, Tax Laws Needed" (6/21/99)  

eWeek publication logo
OPINION COLUMNS (by David Foote) 
"Networking Pros Get Some Respect" (10/05/02) 
"Certs Pay Rises While Skills Bonuses Sag (9/2/02)

"SkillScan: E-commerce/Web Skills" (10/30/00)
"Job Scan: Senior Director, E-Commerce" (CAREERS)    
"Job Scan: Manager, Business Applications Development" (3/6/00)
"Job Scan: Director, Information Security" (1/24/00)
"Job Scan: Senior Business Technologist"(12/28/99)

"Job Scan: Director, Enterprise Infrastructure" (11/29/99)
"Job Scan: DW Project Manager, Decision-support Services (8/30/99)
"Job Scan: VP/Director, Corporate Applications Development (8/02/99)
"Job Scan: NT/Unix systems engineering manager (6/2/99)
"Job Scan: Manager, Web Security (4/26/99)
"Job Scan: Vice President/Director, Data Warehousing (3/22/99)

"Job Scan: Director, Web Strategies" (2/15/99)
"Job Scan: Director, LAN/WAN Engineering" (1/15/99)  
"Job Scan: Director, Business Technology" (10/19/98)
"Job Scan: Business Technology Consultant" (11/23/98)



"The Prentice Hall IT Career Guide - 2nd Edition" (Prentice-Hall, 2006), by Fran Quittel

"Data Warehouse Project Management" (Addison-Wesley, 2000) by Sid Adelman & Larissa Terpeluk Moss 
"Get Your IT Career in Gear: Practical Advice for Building a Career in IT" (Osborne-McGraw Hill, 2001) 


FEATURE COLUMNS (by David Foote)  
"Security Still Pays" (article by David Foote, August 2002 issue )  
"Security In Numbers" (article by David Foote, August 2001 issue)
"Infosec Job Market Flies High" (Expert roundtable with David Foote, January 2001 issue)

InformationWeek publication logo  

OPINION COLUMNS (by David Foote) 
"Smart Advice: What IT skills will be most in demand this year? (July 4, 2005)
"Smart Advice: Map Out An Organizational Structure For Security   
"Smart Advice: IT Communications" (June 7, 2004)
"Smart Advice: Minimizing the negative impact of project cancellations" (May 24, 2004)

"Face-off: Certifications are not important for career enhancement" (April 16, 2007)  

OPINION COLUMNS (by David Foote)
"Skills In Demand" (June 2007)  
"Skills In Demand" (March 2007)

Skills In Demand" (December 2006)
Skills In Demand" (August 2006)
Skills In Demand" (May 2006)
"Skills In Demand" (July 2005)
"Skills In Demand" (May 2005)

TechTarget, The Most Targeted IT Media
OPINION COLUMNS (by David Foote) 

"Retention Issues and advice for 2006" (2/2/2006)
"Technologies and tech strategies to watch in 2006" (1/11/2006)
"To make the case for IT spending, brush up on information value-add and knowledge capital" (1/10/2006)
"Hot IT jobs for 2006: Offshore-resistant best bets" (1/9/2006)
"IT executives' priorities for 2006" (1/6/2006)
"Hot skills for 2006: Finally out of the SOX box" (1/5/2006)
"Ignore effective retention programs at your own peril" (1/4/2006)
"Framing the issues: What's ahead in 2006" (1/3/2006)

"CIO how-to: Smart Decisions On Deadline" (July 24, 2005)
"CIO how-to: The Art of Developing Direct Reports" (June 8, 2005)
"New rules for the new world of IT employment" (March 15, 2005)
"Think Sarbanes-Oxley extension changes things?  Think again" (Dec. 6, 2004) 
"13 Steps To Successfully Managing Your Offshoring Supplier" (August 30, 2004)
"Talk is cheap (but highly recommended) for leading IT workers (July 8, 2004)
"Managing IT after the recession: The good, the bad, and the promising" (June 3, 2004)
"CIO Survival Guide: Hiring and Retaining Skilled IT Professionals" (May 17, 2004)
"IT job trends: The buck starts here" (2/23/2003)

"Survey: Pay raises and demand for security professionals continue to outpace other IT jobs" (11/28/2001)


WorkSpan Magazine     
"Skills Trump Certification in New IT Pay Research" (June 2006, WorkSpan Magazine)

"Who's Popular Now?  Information Security Workers Gain Favor in IT World" (March 2003, WorkSpan Magazine)

"The Whirling World of IT Pay" (David Foote, October 2001, WorkSpan Magazine)
"Rewarding the 'New Breed' Information Workers" (July/August 1998, WorkSpan Magazine)

WorldatWork Journal    
"Non Cash Incentives and Rewards: Secret Weapons in the IT Worker Staffing Wars" (Winter 1998, WorldAtWork Journal)




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