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   2019 "IT Insider" Job Description Pack 

All IT job descriptions are not the same. That's quite a claim---after all, there are so many JD sources out there. What makes ours better than others? 

"We have been using Foote Partners since 2005...Their data and job descriptions are far more accurate than what we have seen over the years from the large national consulting firms." 

Vice President, Human Resources
Private state workers' compensation insurance rating bureau

To start with, Foote Partners senior research team pioneered in the early '90s the first compensation survey reports and detailed job definitions for some of the most influential 'new breed' IT job families of that time and after: Web, E-commerce, Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence, Business Technology, Unix/NT, SAP, Enterprise Infrastructure, and IT Security compensation surveys (launched 1994 to 1998). They've been updated every 90 days since that time.

Foote Partner has been 'first to market' with loads more IT jobs. But most importantly, we work closely with 3,305 employers and their 303,313 IT professionals to constantly update every JD to keep pace with how fast IT jobs are changing. Our job descriptions are the industry standardYou'll never need to write another IT description from scratch.  

bullet Specific technical, business-specific, and customer-related hard and 'soft' skill requirements.
bullet Comprehensive lists of duties/responsibilities and skills and knowledge required.
bullet IT certifications most common for each job title
bullet Intelligence on the internal and external working relationships necessary to be successful in the job.

These are not generic descriptions copied from other salary surveys, but primary-sourced, detailed and carefully constructed JDs with a premium on accuracy and currency..

Bonus for purchasers of the IT Insider 2019 Job Descriptions Pack: you will receive at no extra charge all JDs for new jobs we will introduce for the following 12 months.  

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PRICE: $1,750  (768 pages, 302,000 words)



Systems Operations


Vice President-Systems and Networks


Director-Systems and Networks


Manager-Operation Services  


Sr. Systems Administrator-Transaction Monitors


Systems Administrator-Transaction Monitors


PC Desktop Technician

Network Operations:

bullet Director -Network Operations
bullet Manager-Network Operations
bullet Sr. Network Technician
bullet Network Technician
bullet Sr. Network Administrator  
bullet Network Administrator   

Systems Engineering:

bullet Director-Systems Engineering  
bullet Manager-Systems Engineering  
bullet Sr. Systems Engineer
bullet Systems Engineer

  Network Engineering:

bullet Director-Network Engineering
bullet Manager-Network Engineering
bullet Sr. Network Architect
bullet Network Architect
bullet Sr. Network Engineer
bullet Network Engineer

  Voice Engineering 

bullet Manager, Voice Engineering
bullet Sr. Voice Engineer
bullet Voice Engineer
bullet Associate

Info/Cyber Security 

bullet Vice President, Information Security
bullet Director, Information Security
bullet Manager, Information Security 
bullet Security Architect
bullet Sr. Information Security Analyst 
bullet Information Security Analyst 
bullet Sr. Security Administrator
bullet Security Administrator
bullet Sr. Cyber Security Specialist
bullet Cyber Security Specialist


bullet Sr. Storage/SAN Administrator
bullet Storage/SAN Administrator

Database/Data Administration

bullet Manager, Database Administration
bullet Sr. Database Administrator
bullet Database Administrator
bullet Sr. Systems Programmer–RDBMS

Database Development

bullet Sr. Database Developer
bullet Database Developer
bullet Associate

Enterprise Infrastructure Management

bullet Vice President (Director) - Enterprise Infrastructure
bullet Manager - Enterprise Infrastructure
bullet Sr. Infrastructure Integrator/Engineer
bullet Infrastructure Integrator/Engineer

Enterprise Messaging

bullet Director - Enterprise Messaging Systems
bullet Sr. Enterprise Messaging Engineer
bullet Enterprise Messaging Engineer


Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence

bullet Vice President/Director - Data Warehousing/BI
bullet Data Warehouse/BI Project Manager - Processing
bullet Data Warehouse/BI Project Manager - Decision Support Services
bullet Data Warehouse/BI Information Security Manager
bullet Data Warehouse/BI Architect
bullet Sr. Data Warehouse/BI Engineer
bullet Data Warehouse/BI Engineer
bullet Sr. Data Warehouse/BI Developer
bullet Data Warehouse/BI Developer
bullet Data Warehouse/BI Auditor
bullet Sr. Decision Support System(DSS) Analyst
bullet Decision Support System(DSS) Analyst
bullet Sr. DSS/BI Engineer
bullet Data Warehouse/BI Administrator
bullet Data Warehouse/BI Management Specialist


Lotus Notes/Domino Delivery

bullet Director-Notes/Domino Group
bullet Notes/Domino Project Manager-Server/Network
bullet Notes/Domino Project Manager-Client/Customer Support
bullet Notes/Domino Architect
bullet Sr. Notes/Domino Engineer-Server/Network
bullet Sr. Notes/Domino Engineer-Client/Customer Support
bullet Notes/Domino Quality Assurance Auditor
bullet Notes/Domino Information Security Manager
bullet Sr. Notes/Domino Analyst
bullet Notes/Domino Administrator
bullet Notes/Domino Developer/Programmer



bullet VP/Director, Web Systems
bullet Manager, Web Systems
bullet Web/I-net Project Manager
bullet Web Analytics Manager
bullet Sr. Web Analyst
bullet Web Security Manager
bullet Web Architect
bullet Sr. Web Designer/Site Builder
bullet Web Designer/Site Builder
bullet Webmaster - Technical
bullet Sr. Web Engineer
bullet Web Engineer
bullet Sr. Web Developer
bullet Web Developer
bullet Web Site Administrator
bullet Web Customer Support Specialists



Business Application Development

bullet VP/Director, Corporate Applications
bullet VP/Director, Business Unit Applications
bullet Manager, Business Applications Development
bullet Senior Business Applications Developer
bullet Business Applications Developer

Java Developers

bullet Sr. Java Developer
bullet Java Developer
bullet Associate

.NET Developer

bullet Manager, .NET Development
bullet Sr. .NET Developer
bullet .NET Developer
bullet Associate .NET Developer

DevOps Engineers

bullet Lead DevOps Engineer
bullet Sr. DevOps Engineer
bullet DevOps Engineer

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Engineers

bullet Director, SQA
bullet Manager, SQA
bullet Sr. SQA Engineer
bullet Lead SQA Engineer
bullet SQA Engineer


bullet VP, SAP Program Management
bullet SAP Project Manager
bullet SAP Master Data Manager
bullet Sr. SAP Business Analyst
bullet SAP Business Analyst
bullet SAP Design Architect
bullet SAP Functional Analyst (SME)
bullet Sr. SAP Configuration Analyst (Lead)
bullet SAP Configuration Analyst 
bullet Sr. SAP Security Administrator
bullet Sr. BASIS Administrator
bullet BASIS Administrator
bullet Associate BASIS Administrator
bullet Sr. ABAP Developer
bullet ABAP Developer
bullet Associate ABAP Developer


bullet Manager, Help Desk  
bullet Sr. Help Desk Specialist
bullet Help Desk Specialist
bullet Associate Help Desk Specialist


IT Architecture

bullet VP, IT Architecture
bullet Director, IT Architecture
bullet Director, Applications Systems Architecture
bullet Manager, Applications Systems Architecture
bullet Sr. Applications Systems Architect
bullet Applications Systems Architect
bullet Information Architect
bullet Sr. Data Architect
bullet Data Architect
bullet Sr. Enterprise Architect
bullet Enterprise Architect

Business Technology

bullet VP, Business Technology Consulting
bullet Director, Business Technology 
bullet Manager, Business Technology
bullet Sr. Business Technology Consultant
bullet Business Technology Consultant

(Note: Business Technologist positions go by several different titles depending on corporate culture)

Business Systems Analysts

bullet Manager,. Business Systems Analysis
bullet Sr. Business Systems Analyst
bullet Business Systems Analyst
bullet Associate


bullet Vice President, E-Commerce
bullet Diector, E-Commerce
bullet E-Commerce Manager  
bullet Sr. E-Commerce Programmer
bullet E-Commerce Programmer

Six Sigma

bullet Master Black Belt
bullet Black Belt


                      More information, click here
bullet Epic Project Director  
bullet Sr. Project Manager  
bullet Epic Project Manager  
bullet Epic Security Analyst  
bullet Epic Cache DBA
bullet Sr. Epic Clinical Systems Analyst
bullet Epic Clinical Systems Analyst 
bullet Sr. Epic Ambulatory Analyst  
bullet Epic Ambulatory Analyst
bullet Epic Ambulatory Applications Builder 
bullet Sr. Epic Bridges Interface Analyst 
bullet Epic Bridges Interface Analyst
bullet Sr. Epic Clarity Report Writer  
bullet Epic Clarity Report Writer  
bullet Sr. Epic Cadence Applications Analyst  
bullet Epic Cadence Applications Analyst
bullet Sr. Epic Optime Applications Analyst
bullet Epic Optime Applications Analyst  
bullet Sr. Epic Resolute Billing Analyst
bullet Epic Resolute Billing Analyst
bullet Epic Training Manager  
bullet Epic Principal Trainer
bullet Epic Trainer



Cloud Computing

bullet Sr. Cloud Architect
bullet Cloud Architect
bullet Sr. Cloud Developer 
bullet Cloud Developer                             
bullet Sr. Cloud Engineer 
bullet Cloud Engineer 

Mobile Computing

bullet Sr. Mobility Architect
bullet Mobility Architect
bullet Manager, Mobile Applications
bullet Lead Mobile Applications Developer   
bullet Sr. Mobile Applications Developer 
bullet Mobile Applications Developer

Big Data

bullet Lead Data Scientist
bullet Sr. Data Scientist
bullet Data Scientist
bullet Sr. Data Analyst
bullet Data Analyst
bullet Sr. Data Modeler
bullet Data Modeler

Digital Product Development

bullet Director, Digital Strategy/Content
bullet Manager, Digital Analytics
bullet Digital Product Analyst
bullet Digital Product Manager
bullet Lead Digital Product Designer
bullet Sr. Digital Product Designer
bullet Digital Product Designer
bullet Lead UX/UI Designer
bullet Sr. UX/UI Designer
bullet UX/UI Designer
bullet Sr. Scrum Master
bullet Scrum Master





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