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2018 Fax Order Form


Order by telephone (772)234-2787 or fax this form to (775)262-6619.   

  Pricing     What are T1, T2, Canada tiers?     Complete list of job titles        

Price    Qtrs.*     Tier(s)    Salary Survey Benchmark Products     

________   ________   ________  2018 IT Professional Salary Survey/U.S. ($6,500/Tier 1; $6,500/Tier 2; $12,000/all US cities)

________   ________   ________  2018 IT Professional Salary Survey/Canada (US$6,500)

________   ________   ________   Individual Families (US: $300/Tier 1 or 2. $500/All US cities. CANADA: US$400 *LIST BY NAME BELOW* 



________   ________   ________   Special Families (US: $600/Tier 1 or 2. $800/All US cities. CANADA: US$650.  *LIST BY NAME BELOW*



________   ________   ________   2018 IT Base Positions Survey Report/U.S. $2250/Tier 1, $2500/Tier 2, $3500/all Tiers. CANADA: $2400

________   ________   ________   2018 IT Infrastructure Survey Report/U.S. $2400/Tier 1; $2800/Tier 2, $3700/all Tiers. CANADA" $2600

________   ________    Epic Tier    2018 Epic Systems Salary Survey Report/U.S. ($3500)

Please mark your choices below for 2018 data:

     2018 IT Skills & Certifications Pay Index ($5,400) 
     2018 IT Skills & Certifications Pay Index/ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION ($18,350) 

Latest editions of our quarterly 2018 IT SALARY+SKILLS Pay Survey Reports (priced by report as indicated - check desired survey)

   Applications Development/Programming Languages. (CHECK EDITION ORDERED ____$2,000/T1____$2,400/T2 ____, USD$2,200/Canada)  
   Big Data  (CHECK EDITION ORDERED ____$1400/T1 ____$1600/T2 ____ USD$1400/Canada)
   Business Analysts/Business Technologists (CHECK EDITION ORDERED  ___$800/T1 ___ $1000/T2 ___ USD$1000/Canada)
   Database (CHECK EDITION ORDERED ____$800/T1  ____$1000/T2  ____USD$1000/Canada)
   Data Warehousing/BI (CHECK EDITION ORDERED ____$1200/T1 ____ $1400/T2 ____ USD$1400/Canada)
   E-commerce (CHECK EDITION ORDERED ____$1400/T1  ____$1600/T2 ____ USD$1600/ Canada)
   IT Architecture (CHECK EDITION ORDERED ____$1600/T1 ____$1800/T2 ____ USD$1800/Canada)
   Info/Cyber Securty (CHECK EDITION ORDERED ____$1500/T1 ____$1750/T2 ____ USD$1700/Canada)
   Microsoft Windows (CHECK EDITION ORDERED ____$900/T1  ____$1100/T2 ____ USD$1100/Canada)
   Networking (CHECK EDITION ORDERED ____$1800/T1 ____$2000/T2 ____ USD$2000/Canada) 
   Project Management  (CHECK EDITION ORDERED ____$800/T1 ____$1000/T2  ____ USD$1000/Canada)
   SAP (CHECK EDITION ORDERED  ____$2250/T1  ____$2,750/T2 ____ USD$2500/Canada)
   Systems Administration & Engineering (CHECK EDITION ORDERED  ____$1500/T1  ____$1750/T2  ____ USD$1500/Canada)
   Web/I-net (CHECK EDITION ORDERED ____$1200/T1 ____ $1400/T2  ____ USD$1400/Canada)

   *Quarterly Research is collected between these months:  Q1/2018 (Jan-Mar)   Q2/2018 (Apr-Jun)   Q3/2018 (Jul-Sep) Q4/2018 (Oct-Dec)   

_____________________   TOTAL PRICE - All compensation surveys in this order.

If you are choosing specific job titles and individual cities:  

Email (order@footepartners.com) or call us (772-234-2787) with the job titles, cities, and quarters you desire.  We'll contact you within with a price and all details necessary to receive the research.

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Please order by telephone (772)234-2787 or fax this form to (775)262-6619.