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2019 IT Infrastructure Positions Survey Report (Canada)

(total data update: July 1, 2019)   Need US edition?

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PRICE:    $2,850 for 18 Canadian cities

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Base salary and cash bonus (18 Canadian tier cities): 


10/25/50/Average/75/90 percentiles; Cash Bonus/Actual;; Total Direct Cash/Actual. Excel file format


Detailed long-form job descriptions,continuously updated


Current edition: Data collected through July 1, 2019  (303,616 IT professionals)

Up-to-date salaries and detailed job descriptions for:







Systems/Network Operations

     Systems Operations

bullet Vice President--Systems and Networks
bullet Director--Systems and Networks
bullet Manager--Operation Services  
bullet Sr. Systems Administrator--Transaction Monitors
bullet Systems Administrator--Transaction Monitors
bullet PC Desktop Technician

     Network Operations:

bullet Director -- Network Operations
bullet Manager -- Network Operations
bullet Sr. Network Technician, Net Ops
bullet Network Technician, NetOps
bullet Sr. Network Administrator  
bullet Network Administrator   

Systems/Network Engineering

     Network Engineering:

bullet Director, Network Engineering
bullet Manager, Network Engineering
bullet Senior Network Architect
bullet Network Architect
bullet Senior Network Engineer
bullet Network Engineer 

     Systems Engineering:

bullet Director, NT/Unix Engineering  
bullet Manager, Systems Engineering  
bullet Sr. Systems Engineer 
bullet Systems Engineer 

Database/Data Administration

bullet Manager, Database Administrator
bullet Sr. Database Administrator
bullet Database Administrator
bullet Sr. Systems Programmer–RDBMS


Information Security 

bullet VP, Information Security
bullet Director, Information Security
bullet Manager, Information Security
bullet Security Architect
bullet Sr. Information Security Analyst
bullet Information Security Analyst 
bullet Sr. Security Administrator
bullet Security Administrator
bullet Sr. Cyber Security Specialist
bullet Cyber Security Specialist

Storage/SAN Administration

bullet Sr. Storage/SAN Administrator
bullet Storage/SAN Administrator

Enterprise Infrastructure Management

bullet Director - Enterprise Infrastructure
bullet Manager - Enterprise Infrastructure
bullet Sr. Infrastructure Integrator/Engineer
bullet Infrastructure Integrator/Engineer

Enterprise Messaging

bullet Director, Enterprise Messaging Systems
bullet Sr. Enterprise Messaging Engineer
bullet Enterprise Messaging Engineer

Voice Engineering

bullet Manager, Voice Engineering
bullet Sr. Voice Engineer
bullet Voice Engineer
bullet Associate


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