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IT Human Capital Management   
Market Intelligence (Proprietary Research Database)

Our Human Capital Management practice assists you in building an IT agenda that leverages new technology, proven management processes, and strategies for human capital management of full-time employees, contractors, consultants, and outsourced/offshored personnel. Our team of IT industry analysts, management consultants, and former human resources professionals have unique qualification to help you in the following areas:

--Developing and executing  IT HCM strategies for leveraging technology globally
Transition to new IT career paths and IT/business job rotation models 
--Due diligence for offshoring/outsourcing labor balancing decisions  
Auditing your organization’s readiness and identifying exposures
--Setting realistic IT/HR priorities, goals, and organizational requirements 
Building HR, IT, and business alliances 
--Employing powerful transition skills 
--Building strong project teams 

Our proprietary research database containing continuously collected benchmark data and market intelligence from 3,018 employers and their 260,000 IT professionals---our proprietary research partners---provides us with unique intelligence gathering capabilities.  We supplement this with a seasoned team of analysts, management consultants, and former business executives expert in gathering business intelligence in wide variety of disciplines.  Recent consulting engagements have included: 

--Professional  development and skills certification in five tier one IT professional services firms
--IT organization transformation, compensation restructuring, and job definition in a Fortune 50 retailer  
Knowledge management, learning organization structure, and competitive staffing strategies in tier one IT professional services firms
Offshoring best/worst practices in 90 selected  U.S.-based Fortune 1000 companies  



Executive and Professional Compensation 

In a major trend with far-reaching implications for compensation, companies are increasingly merging operations and information technology responsibilities to create powerful "hybrid" IT/operations jobs with unprecedented enterprise responsibilities and on-the-job complexity. Most common in financial services, banking, securities, insurance, utilities, and healthcare industries, these high-visibility positions are rapidly expanding into other industries as Web-enabled business delivery models and new information management practices proliferate.  Our Executive and Professional Compensation practice will help you adjust your executive and professional compensation plans to accommodate the rapid rise of the new IT/operations “hybrid” workforce.  We also specialize in executive pay plans for technology product and professional services firms. 

--Custom pay packages for IT and business executives and professionals
--Specialization in compensation and rewards for 'hybrid' IT/Business positions as well as traditional IT compensation programs
--Executive compensation: Base pay, long term incentive plans, stock options, deferred compensation
--IT professionals: Base pay, bonus plans, tech skills pay, project pay
--Job evaluation and continuously update detailed job descriptions

bulletBusiness Transformation/Capability Based Value Delivery (CBvd)  

Capabilities-Based Planning (CBP) is an analytic methodology that enhances the quality of information available to decision makers by adding structure to the definition of Strategic Intent and by decomposing the Intent into actionable Capabilities. CBP is a mature process and many organizations already have the basic building blocks for successful execution. Most importantly, CBP is a powerful tool for IT organizations because it shifts the discussion with lines of business executives from what systems require replacing to what business capabilities need to be developed.

Foote Partners and QRS (Toronto, Canada) professionals extended the CBP process to include capability development governance and exploitation, and have named it the Capability Based Value Delivery (CBvd) process.

Milestones and Deliverables
bulletG0: Strategic Intent – define the target state for the organization and create the conviction as to why it is worth heading there
bulletG1: Required Capabilities – define the required capabilities, their current state and their desired target state
bulletG2: Portfolio of Investments – define the strategies that will create the required capabilities that will enable the target state
bulletG3: Portfolio of Capabilities – build the required capabilities
bulletG4: Capability Realization – drive the execution and measurement of all implemented capabilities, and establish clear accountabilities for their management

How to exploit CBvd?

bulletTo help you exploit CBvd process, our experts will review your current processes for strategic planning, portfolio management, system development life cycle, value realization and capabilities exploitation. Your processes will be benchmarked against the leading processes defined in CBvd for decision authority, decision information quality, performance metrics, roles and responsibilities, staff skills and supporting tools.
bulletThrough facilitated workshops, we will define gaps and develop a comprehensive, pragmatic action plan to close the gaps.
bulletOutcome of this initial work phase will be an engaged execution team and a definitive roadmap to transition your current siloed system development process into Capability Based Value Delivery life cycle.


bullet IT Professions and Retention Services

Smart employers are developing and executing robust internally branded employment strategies for attracting and growing IT talent. Even more important, they’re using these strategies for retaining IT professionals at a critical time in the history of the IT profession. These strategies typically marry total compensation, professional development, performance management, work/life balance, non-monetary and recognition elements into an overall retention program tuned to corporate culture, organizational goals and performance philosophies. 

Profession/retention programs: The great recruiter neutralizer. These programs are particularly effective at neutralizing the influence that a good executive recruiter can have in convincing talented IT professionals to considering looking elsewhere. Well-run professions programs help lock in those who are ambitious about their career direction and professional development -- exactly the kind of workers that recruiters target most. 

Exactly how at-risk is your company for stepping on 'employment landmines' that can cause the loss of key IT employees to other companies?  Our Profession Programs Risk Assessor is a quick and efficient tool you can use for measuring your company's preparedness and capabilities against key best/better practices at more than one hundred companies who have developed these programs. Click on the link above for a free Assessor.  

For more information about this service Click Here  


bullet Organizational and Transition Management 

Increased mergers and acquisition activity, regulatory compliance pressures, global business initiatives, and outsourcing/offshoring popularity are marking 2009 as a year of substantial organizational transition.  Foote Partners offers a wide array of methodologies, tools, and processes aimed at reducing the risks and managing performance associated with business changes.

Our Organizational and Transition Management practice is staffed with a group of senior consultants and specialists experienced in business, IT, operations, HR, and technology environments. We are particularly experienced in internal IT/business partnerships and organizational issues associated with outsourcing/offshoring, mergers, and acquisitions.    



IT Management and Organization 


Our IT Management and Organization practice assists CIOs. CTOs, and mid-management level decision makers in creating robust IT departments with the adaptability, flexibility, and service delivery necessary to meet business strategies globally. 



Performance Management 


Our Performance Management practice targets institutional performance issues associated with a wide range of IT and business segments.  We are particularly experienced in internal IT/business partnerships and organizational issues associated with outsourcing/offshoring, IT service delivery (ITIL, CMM, SixSigma),  and a range of initiatives where organizational metrics are critical to the smooth operations.    

bulletOffshore Outsourcing & Strategic Resource Management 

The biggest impediment to successful outsourcing isn't signing a bad contract or making a poor choice of vendors...it's in the execution.  According to a major research study conducted by Foote Partners involving more than 800 onshore and 90 offshore outsourcing initiatives, companies make their biggest mistakes by poorly managing their supplier relationships and -- with offshoring in particular -- failing to anticipate the considerable organizational upheaval involved.  As a result, cost savings are being squandered and more than 50% of offshore outsourcing initiatives are failing to meet contract expectations and performance metrics.

Our Outsourcing/Offshoring and Strategic Resource Management practice begins by focusing on  common offshoring stumbling blocks, including assessing business and organizational readiness and managing communications, behavioral/cultural, HR, and project delivery aspects of implementing an otherwise well-researched outsourcing strategy.  

Foote Partners provides much more than a how-to guide and roadmap: we actively guide your journey from assessment, knowledge gathering, and strategy phases, through sourcing, to the governance and management once the supplier decision has been made.  You may use as little or as much of our tools and hands-on services as you require.  We will guide your journey and teach key executives, managers, leaders (and opinion leaders) how to gain more than just intellectual support for an outsourcing.  We can  also help you select the right supplier, negotiate your contract, and concentrate on governance issues.  

Our senior Offshore Outsourcing consultants are experienced in cross-cultural HR and organizational change management details in both ITO and BPO initiatives involving India, Philippines, Eastern Europe, China and other popular offshoring destinations.  We can also help you analyze your IT portfolio and select and negotiate a contract with the right supplier for your needs.  

Exactly how at-risk is your company for stepping on the 'landmines' that can blow an offshore outsourcing program to bits?  Try our Offshore Outsourcing Risk Evaluator, a quick and efficient tool for measuring your company's preparedness and capabilities against key best/better practices at more than 100 companies who have completed offshoring implementations.  



bullet Enterprise Project Delivery 

Managing organizations by project (MOBP) is one of the most effective management philosophies of the past ten years.  Developing Enterprise Project Delivery (EPD) capabilities is key to achieving success in CRM, DW/BI, ERP, SFA, and other key initiatives. Our Enterprise Project Delivery services brings a wide array of capabilities to companies in need of cross-functional management and advanced enterprise team development.  

--Change readiness assessment
--Change management programs
--Communications planning
--Compensation benchmarking, total rewards
--Cost management
--Cross-organizational assessment and improvement 
EPD capability assessment
--EPD implementation strategy
--Human Infrastructure assessment 
--Human resource planning
Incentive and reward programs designed for enterprise teams
--Integration management
--Myers-Briggs, DISC surveys
--Organizational climate assessment
--Organizational structure and transition plans
--Organizational transition services
Project Management Office/Project Support Office development
--Project initiation and launch
--Process workflow analysis and documentation
--Procurement management
--Project management  career tracks
--Project prioritization and resource planning
--Process documentation
--Quality management
--Risk assessment/management
--Scope management
--Skills inventories/gap analysis
--Soft factor analysis
--Strategic resource management
--Staffing and selection processes
--Staff retention programs
--Stakeholder planning, analysis and management
--Transition planning (processes, education, communication, knowledge transfer)
Team effectiveness surveys
Training and education programs for executives, managers, and team members
--Virtual team capability models and templates




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